100% Natural, Non-Toxic Play Mats

Play mats made from trees, not plastic!

Totally natural, antibacterial and non-slip foam play mats made from sustainable and biodegradable materials.
With simple and unique designs, they'll look great in your home! 

Star play mat - Tree foam
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Star play mat - Tree foam
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Elephant play mat - Tree foam
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Elephant play mat - Tree foam
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Our cleaner oceans pledge

With each play mat purchased, we will remove 50 grams of plastic from our shores and oceans. That's equivalent to 10 plastic shopping bags or 170 plastic straws! 


Why our play mats are so great

The foam which is routinely used for babies’ play mats in the UK is made from EVA, banned in several European countries due to health concerns. Even companies which claim to sell non-toxic EVA mats are not selling a truly non-toxic product, just a reduced level of the toxin formamide, rather than none at all. Alternatives you might find are usually made of PVC or polyurethane foam. Sadly PVC is one of the most toxic plastics for human health and to the planet, and polyurethane is a known respiratory toxin. Babies and children are especially sensitive to these toxins. And a play mat is somewhere a baby is likely to spend a large proportion of their day.

This is why we have created a truly non-toxic foam play mat made from trees! Made only from natural rubber and cork the mats are shock absorbent, antibacterial, easy to clean, naturally non-slip and super light and transportable. And of course they are made from sustainable and biodegradable materials. With simple and unique designs, they'll look great in your house too! 

What our customers are saying

"These mats look so great in our home - I’m really into interior design and was keen to find something neutral which blended with our home. They are perfect for newborns and babies of all ages, and it’s reassuring to know that they are safe when chewed unlike other mats on the market."

- EMMA, Mother of 2

Play mat’s brilliant qualities


Magical properties

A non-slip, anti-static spongy mat to help prevent and cushion little tumbles. Suberin in cork naturally repels dust, little insects, water and bacteria. They’re also hard wearing and wipe clean.


Materials - totally natural

Our tree foam is non-toxic and plastic free with no synthetic nasties. The upper layer is 100% cork and the underneath is 100% natural rubber foam. Safe for babies and the planet too!


Sustainable resource

Our cork and rubber is carefully harvested from the bark and sap, without harming the trees. Each tree is nurtured and farmed sometimes for over 200 years!


Free from PVC, EVA and other toxic plastics

We never use synthetic foams as they are toxic not just to human health but to the environment too.



Our mats are 100% biodegradable, including the packaging.