About Little Earth Baby

Little Earth Baby makes natural, non-toxic and biodegradable baby products. The company was founded by Emma Bianco through her love of babies, the planet and all things natural. Here’s a short word from her:

“Having suffered from allergies and other health issues for many years, I started looking more deeply into what might be causing the growing health complaints faced by so many of us today. Mounting medical research is linking this to the huge rise over the last half-century in synthetic and chemical products in our homes, our environment and our food. Once I started living a much more natural and organic lifestyle my health improved dramatically. Since the birth of my baby in 2016 I have been applying my research efforts to the baby market. Despite babies being far more susceptible to environmental toxins than us adults, I have been shocked at just how many nasties make their way into those products, and just how well they hide! The good news is that many positive developments are taking place in this field, and so many great new companies are starting to make some wonderful and natural things for our babies. However, there were a number of items which did not meet the standard which I hoped for for babies and for their planet. Speaking to other parents I realised there was a clear need for more choice, so I started designing and selling what you see here today. xxx”

Core to our company belief is that babies should be nurtured in a natural and non-toxic environment as much as is practical for modern day life. 

We are passionate about keeping our babies safe and protecting their future by looking after both their health and that of our extraordinarily beautiful planet. That’s why we have created a range of products which use natural, sustainable and biodegradable materials, with no nasty chemicals.

Our products are beautifully designed to a very high standard and are free from PVC, BPA, phthalates, EVA foam, polycarbonate and other nasty chemicals. We don’t use any synthetic fabrics or materials. Only our zips are plastic, which at the moment is unfortunately unavoidable for our bags and play mats, but we make sure to use recycled PET plastic for these. 

Our fabrics and materials

All of our fabrics are certified organic and the materials we use are all natural. Not only is this far better for the long term health of our babies, it’s also so much better for the planet.  

Our packaging

Our packaging bags are made from natural cotton and the inks used are free from formaldehyde, lead and other nasties. The bags are designed to be used again but are also biodegradable. Our tags are made from recycled paper. Our postage bags are biodegradable.  

Our cleaner oceans pledge

With every purchase made, we pledge to remove plastic from our shores and oceans.