Natural, non-toxic and biodegradable baby products

Made from plants, not plastic

Our mission is to inspire you to make informed choices about the fabrics and ingredients in your babies’ products, and to provide a wider choice of natural options. 

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Little Earth Baby products

We’d like to awaken your curiosity about what might be hiding in your babies’ things. The truth is, many companies are developing and selling baby products with inherent chemical hazards. Our little ones deserve safer, more natural alternatives which eliminate the risks of unknown toxins and are kinder on the environment too. 

Our products are made with plants, not plastics. Our designs are thoughtfully created with the needs of babies and parents in mind. Our manufacturing is ethical, materials sustainable and we avoid plastics in all stages of the process, including delivery.

Because our planet matters, and so does the health of our babies.

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“For us it’s not just about our products. It’s about building a community to help change the way consumers shop for the better. Come on this journey with us and be part of something really special: a huge and positive force which is gathering constant momentum to create a greener, safer world for our babies to flourish.” – Emma Bianco, Founder

The importance of non-toxic baby products

Chemicals and synthetic materials in our daily lives are at an all time high. It is now widely thought that there is a strong connection between the rise in allergies and chronic disease with the products in our every day environments. 

Over the last seventy years around 80,000 new chemicals have been invented. Less than 1% of these have been tested for their safety to human health. Many are hanging about our daily lives, hiding in cosmetics, plastics, cleaning products and…many of our babies’ things. It’s time to make a change. 

So what’s the deal for our little ones?

When regulators assess a product’s ‘safe’ levels of certain chemicals, those substances are tested in isolation and an otherwise clear environment. But there’s a cumulative effect of having various products conforming within these ‘safe’ toxin limits, resulting in an untested cocktail of chemicals in our homes. 

Synthetic fabrics can be an issue for babies. Polyester is often used as the primary material for teddies, comforters and clothes, and therefore often sucked. This means that like the baby whale in Blue Planet, and the fish in our over polluted seas, our babies are ingesting thousands of plastic and chemical particles which their little bodies can’t dispose of. When babies are exposed to environmental toxins they are particularly at risk. Their body’s natural DNA codes, which control the machinery inside their cells, get intercepted, messing up their signalling during critical periods of development.

Let’s take a very brief glance around an average nursery…

An average nursery

EVA foam

This innocent looking squishy stuff contains formamide, known to give off developmental and carcinogenic gases. So it’s not great for your babies to be sitting on, touching, or nibbling (babies love a nibble!).

Polyester, or PET

Essentially shredded plastic bottles. It hugely reduces the body’s ability to regulate temperature, so overheating becomes a dangerous issue. If it’s sucked, thousands of microplastic particles are ingested. When exposed to heat and detergents, PET leaches chemicals.

Other plastics

Commonly used to make toys, seats, crockery etc. All plastics are made from a complicated recipe of chemicals and petroleum. Some are much more harmful than others (it’s good to know your plastics), all are best avoided where possible. The planet doesn’t like them either. 

Our solution: Non-toxic baby products

We are taking things back to nature. We’ve developed a beautifully designed line of non-toxic baby products which are made from natural materials and fabrics. We also offer recommendations about other companies with similar values in our ‘conscious brand directory’.

Everything is made for the love of babies, by mothers.

Ultimately our goal is to help you make safe and healthy choices about the products you buy for your babies. Prioritise things which your baby uses the most (sleep, play, suck). It can seem overwhelming, but if you make one small change a month you’re doing amazingly! Every change will make a huge difference to the future health and wellbeing of your babies and the planet.

“Be gentle with yourself, you are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars.” – Max Ehrmann